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the crew

We are the owner/operators of Level Up Gaming.  Gamers just like you!

Will Brandenburg

Lifelong gamer, what else is there to say.  The dream of owning and operating a game store has been mine for most of my life.  Now, here we are.  Level Up Gaming is the physical representation of my dreams.

I love to don my chainmail for The Renaissance Faire. I enjoy running off to Disney on the Weekends when I can, my favorite park is Galaxy's Edge at Hollywood Studios!

Catch me at the store Painting Mini's and Slinging Dice for Warhammer Fantasy, Flames of War, Star Wars: Legion, and Warhammer 40k.

Jake Brandenburg

Double Retired from Military and Corrections. 

Although a little late to the tabletop gaming scene that both my Sons have enjoyed for years, I like to bring my Military Background and Love of History to the Tabletop.

My Games of Choice are Team Yankee and Flames of War. I thoroughly enjoy building Table Terrain and Scenario's to Reinact Historical Battles. Nothing beats a MASSIVE table with the perfect Bird's Eye View to really get into the History. 

glenda Brandenburg

Mother first and foremost, the part that i didn't anticipate at all was unlike regular retail stores I've worked previously, our customers and community are on a first name basis, we've learned more about each person that I thought possible. We have helped each other, laughed together and became so much more than just a store!

My Favorite part is seeing all the little ones growing up, holding them as newborns and now celebrating 2nd birthdays and more!

trey Brandenburg

You probably wont see me at the store much because I'm 6 Hours away and I mostly handle things in the Background, I still have time to be a Father and a Avid Gamer.

My Favorite Game is Warhammer 40k, I play ALL THINGS CHAOS!


When I am not playing I'm exploring the Lore and Painting more for the legions at my Command.

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